QLTS OSCE List of Important Topics (Business)

Someone sent me a message on Instagram recently, reminding me that I had said in my last post (ages ago) that I would share my notes. I completely forgot about that (mea culpa). I looked back on my notes and realised they're quite lengthy. I'm not sure if you really want to read and memorise [...]

QLTS MCT Day: Pre-Coronavirus Pandemic

I took the QLTS MCT in January 2019, well before any restrictions were imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The QLTS MCT is a one-day exam covering the following subjects: The English Legal System & EU LawConstitutional Law & Judicial ReviewProfessional Conduct & Solicitors' AccountsFinancial RegulationTaxPropertyContracts LawTortsCriminal LawEquity & TrustsBusiness LawHuman Rights The MCT is [...]