My Positive Labour Story – with induction and epidural (Part 1)

During my second trimester, I had a sudden (albeit obvious) revelation that I should probably start thinking about labour. I knew I wanted an epidural. I kept an open mind though and looked into all the options available. I even took a hypnobirthing class and read a hypnobirthing book. Nevertheless, I wanted an epidural. There [...]

What Mum Guilt sounds like: breastfeeding v formula

Mum guilt is absolutely real. There’s so much pressure, whether from myself, the people around me, society in general, to do “the right thing.” Whatever that means. There’s lots of information on the internet about the benefits of breastfeeding. But my favourite source is the book called Cribsheet by Emily Oster. She looked into the [...]

On Positive Birth Stories

Labour is terrifying, especially if it’s your first. You’ll hear lots of horror stories when people find out you’re pregnant. But it doesn’t have to be traumatic or as terrible as some people (and TV shows) make it out to be. Caveat: These are general thoughts, ideas, and tips. Trauma is real and this post [...]

The Secret Mum Club

One thing I learned as a new mum is that there seems to be a secret Mum Club. When I posted on social media (quite quietly I thought) that I was pregnant and then had given birth, friends I hadn’t spoken to in probably more than 20 YEARS and friends I didn’t speak to very [...]

Quick Update

The reason I have been on quite a long hiatus on here is because - I have a baby! Early last year, I had such grand plans to share my notes for QLTS, write about all the things I learned looking for a job in a new country during a pandemic, moving to a new [...]

2020 Review: My First Year Away

Like everyone else, my year was pretty wild. After going through this review process though, I realised that my 2020 wasn’t actually terrible. Looking at the big picture view of my year, it seemed pretty bleak — I’ve tried (and failed) to look for work in a new country in the middle of a pandemic. [...]