QLTS OSCE List of Important Topics (Property)

Thank you to everyone who asked me to post the list of important topics for the other subjects. My apologies it's taken so long - I haven't had much time to sit and sift through my notes. I would love to share all my notes, I just need some time to organise them because I [...]

QLTS MCT Day: Pre-Coronavirus Pandemic

I took the QLTS MCT in January 2019, well before any restrictions were imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The QLTS MCT is a one-day exam covering the following subjects: The English Legal System & EU LawConstitutional Law & Judicial ReviewProfessional Conduct & Solicitors' AccountsFinancial RegulationTaxPropertyContracts LawTortsCriminal LawEquity & TrustsBusiness LawHuman Rights The MCT is [...]

Why you should speak up about the Anti-Terrorism Bill

There are many lawyers who have already written articles about why they think the Anti-Terrorism Bill is problematic: here, here, and here. But there are also other lawyers and people trying-to-sound-like lawyers who have (quite condescendingly) argued in favour of the Anti-Terrorism Bill. A few lawyers have said that since the law hasn't been passed [...]