About Me

One of the most constant things in my life is massive change –

I am Filipino. A lawyer with a love for the environment. I was born in Manila and I lived there most of my life. I am a full-fledged tropical island city girl.

I’ve lived in Japan with a Japanese family as an exchange student when I was 15, in Hong Kong where I worked as an intern in an international organisation when I was 28, and in Edinburgh as a student when I was 31.

Then, I officially moved to Scotland, well outside any city, without a job, and got married.

I learned to embrace the whole process of uprooting my whole life and settling down in a new place as an opportunity to re-start and grow.

So I wanted to share all the practical information, tips, and tricks I learned, and some actionable steps that might be helpful to anyone thinking of or is going through a big move.

This is for all the over- over-thinkers like me. Close your eyes and jump.