The Secret Mum Club

One thing I learned as a new mum is that there seems to be a secret Mum Club.

When I posted on social media (quite quietly I thought) that I was pregnant and then had given birth, friends I hadn’t spoken to in probably more than 20 YEARS and friends I didn’t speak to very much in school reached out and sent me really encouraging messages. They were mums too and they let me know that they understand what I’m going through and that I could speak to them anytime.

Women in denim with arms linked

Neighbours I say hi to in passing gave me presents. One even said, “if you need anything, genuinely, please just let me know. Even if it’s just to watch your baby for an hour so you can shower.”

Mum friends I see once in a while constantly remind me to let them know if I need anything at all – if I need a break, they can watch my baby for a while. One even offered to do our laundry if that’s what’s going to help me.

I was even able to make new mum friends. As an introvert in my 30s, I didn’t think it was possible or even necessary. But it’s been so helpful and comforting to have really supportive people around me who understand what it’s like and who are going through the same things I am.

The empathy and compassion that comes out of the shared and unique experience that is motherhood is probably what brings us closer together. I never understood it before, but mothers, regardless of gender, race, place, and even time, open their arms and accept every mum into this secret club.

I’m grateful and fortunate to be part of it.