Quick Update

The reason I have been on quite a long hiatus on here is because – I have a baby!

Early last year, I had such grand plans to share my notes for QLTS, write about all the things I learned looking for a job in a new country during a pandemic, moving to a new country in general, etc. But life had other plans for me. I could still write about job hunting and moving, but I reckon QLTS content would be outdated by now.

Motherhood has been pretty wild so far. I though I was prepared enough – I have 3 older sisters who all have kids, read as many books as I could while I was pregnant, attended antenatal classes, watched YouTube videos… While helpful, they weren’t nearly enough to prepare me for pregnancy, labour, and the fourth trimester. I learned so much along the way, and hopefully I’ll be able to create space in my life to be able to write about it.

Watch this space!