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QLTS OSCE List of Important Topics (Probate)

Caveat: I created this list for the August 2020 QLTS OSCE based on what I thought were important to know. Please don’t think this is exactly what’s going to come out on your exams. I didn’t memorise the laws word for word (you don’t need to either!), just what it generally says. It’s helpful to […]

QLTS OSCE List of Important Topics (Property)

Thank you to everyone who asked me to post the list of important topics for the other subjects. My apologies it’s taken so long – I haven’t had much time to sit and sift through my notes. I would love to share all my notes, I just need some time to organise them because I […]

QLTS OSCE List of Important Topics (Business)

Someone sent me a message on Instagram recently, reminding me that I had said in my last post (ages ago) that I would share my notes. I completely forgot about that (mea culpa). I looked back on my notes and realised they’re quite lengthy. I’m not sure if you really want to read and memorise […]

How to prepare for the QLTS OSCE (Non-Legal Revision)

If you’ve just recently passed the QLTS MCT, congratulations! Here are some tips to help you prepare for the QLTS OSCE. My post on how to prepare for the QLTS OSCE (Legal Content) might be useful to you as well. I wrote about how I prepared in terms of learning the law. In this post, […]

How to prepare for the QLTS OSCE (Legal Content)

I did quite well in this exam. To bring some credibility to what I’m about to share, I got an 83% when the pass mark was at 63%. This is how I prepared – OSCE Provider As I wrote in the post about how I prepared for the MCT, it doesn’t matter which provider you […]


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