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My Positive Labour Story – with induction and epidural (Part 1)

During my second trimester, I had a sudden (albeit obvious) revelation that I should probably start thinking about labour. I knew I wanted an epidural. I kept an open mind though and looked into all the options available. I even took a hypnobirthing class and read a hypnobirthing book. Nevertheless, I wanted an epidural. There […]

I’m not weird, this is normal in my country!

One of the most terrifying things about moving countries is looking foolish and feeling awkward. But this is actually the best opportunity to look as foolish and feel as awkward as possible. Looking foolish is a common cause of anxiety in any new experience or situation. But as a foreigner in a new place, I […]

What no one tells you about the fourth trimester

There’s a lot of new mum content about the fourth trimester. But one thing that’s not talked about enough is the recovery. I had a forceps delivery and an episiotomy. All in all, my labour was very straightforward. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds and it was a really positive experience. However, from day […]

What Mum Guilt sounds like: breastfeeding v formula

Mum guilt is absolutely real. There’s so much pressure, whether from myself, the people around me, society in general, to do “the right thing.” Whatever that means. There’s lots of information on the internet about the benefits of breastfeeding. But my favourite source is the book called Cribsheet by Emily Oster. She looked into the […]

Top Tip for Job Hunting in the UK

One of the hardest things about moving to a different country is looking for a job. I left my big law job in the Philippines in September 2019. In October, I moved to Scotland and got married in January 2020. And we all know what happened in March 2020. Being unemployed in a new country […]

On Positive Birth Stories

Labour is terrifying, especially if it’s your first. You’ll hear lots of horror stories when people find out you’re pregnant. But it doesn’t have to be traumatic or as terrible as some people (and TV shows) make it out to be. Caveat: These are general thoughts, ideas, and tips. Trauma is real and this post […]


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